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What are the leading smart home upgrades in Wichita?

February 05, 2024
Person pressing button of smart doorbell camera

How would you like a video doorbell that not only alerts you when packages arrive but also identifies threats and discourages them? Or how about a smart thermostat that will learn your preferred comfort levels and manage your home’s settings automatically? These types of devices may have seemed implausible in the recent past but are readily available today. Explore these and other smart home upgrades in Wichita and get inspired to implement your own present-day security system.

Doorbell cameras in Wichita provide a bevy of features

A video doorbell in Wichita is supposed to offer you a direct view of your doorstep. While most models satisfy this basic requirement, there are more advanced options that can take your security and convenience to a new level. Here are a few of the great things modern video doorbells can do:

  • Tell the difference between cars, animals, packages, delivery people, and potential threats.
  • Actively deter prowlers with audible and visual alerts.
  • Offer a complete 180-degree x 180-degree wide-angle view.
  • Provide high resolution and night vision functionality.
  • Provides the opportunity to view but also communicate with visitors through bi-directional audio.

Many exterior surveillance cameras also have benefits like advanced processing to detect humans and active deterrence to dissuade prowlers. You can also define the specific areas you want the camera to protect, helping to reduce false alarms. And you can check out the video stream at any time, right from your smartphone app.

Integrated home safety alarms provide an added layer of protection

Smoke and CO detectors are vital to safeguard your loved ones against standard household dangers. But what if you were able to include these components into your home security system and link them to a 24-hour monitoring team? You can now! If one of your safety devices goes off, your monitoring experts will know instantly. They will validate the event and can reach out to emergency services while you focus on getting your family to safety.

Smart thermostats offer convenience and energy savings to Wichita

Do you have your thermostat at the same temperature all the time, no matter if you are there or not? The days of wasting precious energy are over. By integrating a smart thermostat, you can have a modern tool that updates settings on its own by learning your preferred temperatures and your whereabouts. If you’re not home, it will adjust the settings to reflect that. You may also alter your heaing and cooling levels whenever you want with your mobile app if you prefer to be in control.

Keyless smart door locks provide various perks

A popular smart home upgrade in Wichita, smart door locks are a vital element of your comprehensive system. You may set them to secure at particular times every evening so you have one less task to do before going to bed. You may even designate custom codes for your family and relatives, so you know for certain who's going into your home. Temporary codes can even be used for neighbors or service professionals. For increased safety, you can have locks automatically disengage when a safety alarm goes off, giving you a more rapid departure from your home.

Call Vivint to find the latest smart home upgrades in Wichita

You can incorporate all of these smart home upgrades in one full-featured system by consulting the home security professionals at Vivint. Our innovative tools will deliver a new level of security and convenience to your home. Call (316) 844-6283 today to start designing your new system.